Our group conducted a survey among the residents of Tarcento. We asked them sports-related questions. The respondents received our questions very well, sharing with us various interesting facts and information related to the world of Italian sport.

The results of our survey

Who is the most popular athlete in the area
What is your favorite sport?

Local residents most often mentioned football as their favorite sport. From our survey, we can conclude that the local women like to go jogging in their free time.

Is sport important to you?
Yes 87.5%
No 12.5%
Are there any sports centers nearby? If so, what kind?

We asked a question about places where local residents can actively spend their free time. The respondents listed facilities where interested people have access to the equipment needed to perform various physical activities, including Pilates, martial arts, volleyball and many other sports.

Do you celebrate big sporting events?
Yes 50%
No 50%

The next question we asked was whether the inhabitants of Tarcento celebrate major sporting events. In this question, the respondents were extremely divided in their opinions. We concluded that not everyone is interested in such grand sports celebrations, some of them prefer to spend their free time resting.

Do you go to the mountains to do sports?
Yes 37.5%
No 62.5%

Due to the mountainous terrain near Tarcento, we assumed that the local residents very often and willingly go hiking or practice seasonal sports there. However, to our surprise, the majority of the society is not interested in such activities.